Laser Safe

Laser Safe Thermography for Raised Printing

For business stationery we recommend LaserSafe Thermography, a print process that produces a distinguished raised-printed image and withstands the high temperatures generated by photocopiers, inkjet and laser printers without tracing or melting.

Business stationery produced with conventional raised printing may melt and smear when put through a laser printer or photocopier.

Compared to engraving and other processes that produce a raised printed effect on paper, thermography has two primary advantages. It is less expensive to print because the process is much faster than engraving and it does not require the use of a die. Graphic images also look better on paper when raised using thermography printing.

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Conventional raised ink stationery should not be used in laser printers or photocopiers. The heat generated by these machines may melt and smear the raised ink!