Design Tips

Your business card is not just any business card. It is an important marketing tool that represents you and your company in today’s competitive world. Therefore, it should be designed to make a great first and lasting IMPRESSION!

When designing your Business Card make sure to include the following information.

  • Your Company Name
  • Address
  • Contact Info – Include Facebook and Twitter if applicable.
  • QR Codes – A business card is the perfect place to share these.
We have assembled many ideas and sample layouts for you to choose from. You may pick from one of ours or you may custom design your own. We will do out best to follow any specific instructions you may request.

Design Tips

Making a good mock-up is vital to the success of your custom designed business card. It is a blueprint for us to follow. Provide us with your rough sketch and the information you would like to include and we will follow the most appropriate layout.

Making Things Easy

We are proud to say that BCE’s professional staff of typesetters, graphic artists, and proofreaders is the finest in the industry. We are excited to be a member of your team, and our goal is to continue to serve you in the best way possible. To meet the demands of your most discriminating clientele, we have given you the choice of using your own superbly designed layouts, or of using one or our wide range of layout designs & typestyles shown in our catalog. We will always try to determine what your requirements are and to follow your specific instructions – we will not try to redesign your card. However, in cases where we have not received specific instructions we will follow these guidelines:

Mainline: Upper & lower case Megaron Bold (A-3), 12-14 point.
(Letterheads 20-24 point; Envelopes 12-14 point).
Sub-Mainline: Upper & lower case Megaron (A-1), 8-10 point.
(Letterheads 12-14 point; Envelopes 9-11 point).
Bodycopy: Upper & lower case Megaron (A-1), 8 point.
(Letterheads 12-14 point; Envelopes 9 point).
Proper names: will be set in all capitals (A-1C).
Corner copy: well be set flush left and right.
Mainlines: will be centered.
E-mail: will be centered.

If you provide us with a layout using a typestyle that we do not offer in our catalog, unless otherwise instructed, we will match your typestyle as closely as possible with one of ours. We will gladly accept your fonts on disk or via E-mail under a few conditions:

  • We only accept Macintosh Fonts.
  • You must send both the printer & screen font.

Anytime you use a layout number from our catalog, we will use the typestyles, point sizes and basic layout shown unless otherwise instructed. Anytime you use a re-order number, we will always let the re-order number take priority over the grid area unless otherwise instructed.

Before submitting your order please check your color separations, placement, artwork, typestyle specifications, grammar, spelling and numbers. Multiple orders should be checked for consistency with each other. Please write clearly, we cannot be responsible for misinterpretation of illegible copy. What you send us is what we will send you — we will follow your instructions.

Always remember William Safire’s sage advice:
“Proofread carefully to see if you any words out.”