Art Tips

At New England’s Business Card Express we strive to bring our clients the best in business cards and other corporate identity printing. Collectively, our team has the expertise to produce printing products that meet our clients’ expectations.

To meet our high standards in graphic design and printing we are always looking for better ways to enrich communication and collaboration between our staff and customers. Below you will find instructions and tips for graphic design and rules for preparing artwork.

When you submit a model business card or layout sketch please clearly specify the instructions as illustrated in the examples below.

To get these results:

Send us these:

The print quality of business cards starts with the quality of the original material that is supplied to us. Here are some rules for preparing artwork.


  • For best results a black & white glossy is preferred. A color glossy is acceptable, but a color matte finish produces inferior results.
  • Do not send a pre-screened photo.


  • Do not send pre-screened artwork.
  • Supply a black & white solid and specify screen % on order form.
  • In general, screens under 20% or over 80% are not recommended for thermography.


  • For a 2 or 3 color card, do not separate artwork unless the colors touch.


  • For best results let Business Card Express do the typesetting or send us your electronic file. For more information on preparing your files go to our Send Art Page